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What is Circuit Training?- Sample Workout

What is circuit training?- And what is a sample workout? According to a dictionary search on yahoo, circuit training is a method of physical conditioning in which one moves from one exercise to another, usually in a series of different stations or pieces of equipment.* A lot of times at a community college, the college will offer wellness training programs. They often employ a method of circuit training. There is also marathon circuit training which involves a lot of running between different kinds of exercise. Its often used to build stamina and conditioning for long distance runners. Beginners or professional athletics can employ circuit training.

Circuit training is mostly used for weight lost, building endurance, and conditioning of the whole body, including mobility. If one is basically wanting only to build their muscles, or do weight training the circuit training program in which they are involved might have to be re-adjusted to fit their specific needs. There are different parts of the body sometimes targeted for circuit training, the lower and upper body, and such. We are going to target the whole body circuit training as our sample workout, including cardiovascular. Circuit training usually works the best with small groups or teams of participants.

Circuit Training- Sample Workout

1. What you and the others are going to do is go through a series of exercises, some using equipment and some not. When one exercise is performed for the specified time or the number of times,you move on to the next. If a rest time of a few seconds is specified, then you do what the circuit training has specified. This is only going to be a five step example of circuit training to give you the general idea. Before any circuit training or exercises always have a warm up period before beginning. Usually two or three circuits are performed before stopping. That means you go through the five steps ( in this sample workout) and repeat them again until you have done so two or three time times.

1. First you are going to go to the bench press and lift light weights 30 times.

Rest for 30 seconds and go on to next station or exercise area or equipment.

2. At station number two of the circuit training-workout sample you do 30 jumping jacks.

Rest briefly, no more then 30 seconds. Then move on to your next station.

3. At station number three you do 40 deep knee bends.
Rest briefly, using the 30 second rule.

4. At station number four you are to spend 60 seconds walking on the thread mill. Read this post here for more information.


Brief rest as needed, no more then 30 seconds.

5. At station number five you once again do 30 jumping jacks.
Rest as needed, no more then 30 seconds.

And so on..This is just a circuit training workout sample, so you can get the general idea of circuit training. Actually it can be quite fun and challenging. Usually during circuit training workout you would repeat the steps, which would be more steps then the workout sample, two or three times.For more details visit the original source.


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