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Lose Weight by Boosting Your Metabolism to Burn More Calories

Metabolism is process where your body converts the calories you take in from foods into energy. As we get older our metabolic processes slows down thus making it hard for the body to burn the calories we take in.

Our body requires energy to do anything including sleeping, eating, exercise or watching TV, the body burns calories. Our body needs to burn calories to serve as a fuel for these movements. So calories are needed for all body functions. In boosting your metabolism, you help the body to burn more calories even while you sleep or simply play in front of the computer you are able to double the calorie burning capacity of the body and lose weight in the process.

Here are some steps that would help you increase your metabolic rate and lose weight…

1. Eating several meals a day, this can be done by breaking down the meals that you eat into 5 to 6 meals a day. Have you ever wonder when you eat 3 full meals a day afterwards you feel sluggish and sleepy this is because the fuel or energy supply of the body is drained and spent other functions such heart beats, digestion and thinking this is to say internal bodily function what about the activities you engage in the half of the day. The bigger the meal the more it will take time for digestion to take place. Therefore, by midday, you eat a full meal but afterwards you feel sleepy. While if you eat a mid-morning snack or divide your meals you feel alive and alert.For more information read her latest blog post.

2. Boost your metabolism by exercise. Dancing, swimming and aerobics exercises can burn and boost your metabolism a 30 minutes exercise a day can burn 300 – 500 calories.

3. Incorporate interval-training exercises in your routine. This will increase the capacity of the body to lose weight. An example of a good interval training is sprinting for 10 minutes and then change into walking this way you fool your body as if you are about to slow down and then up the activity again. The body will therefore increase it momentum and produce more energy that you need.

4. Include a muscle toning exercise. Muscles need more aerobic and anaerobic energy to build and restore. The more tone your muscles are the more it is like for you to lose weight fast. A good muscle toning program is Pilates this gives you a more sculpted muscles without making them super big like those of a muscle builders. Pilates are ideal for women who just want to have a lean and sexy body.

5. Rest and Relax. A good an R&R is essential this is where the body will build, replace, repair, and eliminate toxins in the body.
Nutrition plays an important part in maintaining a healthy and fast metabolism. It is one of the factors of staying fit and key element in order to lose weight, along with proper hydration of the body and an active lifestyle. These things go hand in hand when you are trying to lose weight.

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You cannot simply eliminate one from the other this will never work. You cannot just sweat your hearts out and eat the same things that you enjoy or the other way around.For more details go to,,20306911,00.html.

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